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Les Homélies d'Ogmios​ on April 6, 2019 at Nantes, France. Although Lord Ketil is recording its next album, the band will have the pleasure to meet you for the very first time on stage for the 10 years of the label Ogmios Underground at La Scène Michelet with friends from Archean, Hats Barn and Les Chants de Nihil.

Lord Ketil entered studio this week to start recording its new album. Songs are composed and written and next step is to program drums, then Alkorne will record guitars and bass parts before Psycho will record vocals. The release is scheduled later this year.

Lord Ketil 's live line-up is now constituted, Marbas (Nirnaeth), joins the band as lead guitarist, ∅ (Antilife) as bassist and Kryos (Neptrecus, Griffon, Hats Barn) as drummer.


lord ketil
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