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Lord Ketil is a Black Metal band from the north of France, founded by Alkorne in 2006 and joined by Psycho in 2016.
Lord Ketil's music is influenced by dark atmospheres and cold sounds from bands of the old norwegian scene and full of Satanism, dark melodies, unhealthy riffs, medieval and pagan themes and songs resolutely Black Metal.
In year 2008, Lord Ketil created its own recording studio, Anti-Life Studios and started working on its first Demo/EP, "Dod Under En Frossen Himmel" that came out in february 2010. Then, Alkorne stopped musical activities to take care of his studio, career and family.
Five years later, Lord Ketil was back on the scene and prepared to record its first LP album. "The Way Of The Opponent" was released in july 2016. The debut EP, "Dod Under En Frossen Himmel" is also digitally reissued in november 2016.
Late 2016, Psycho, also known for performing in bands Hats Barn and Antilife joined Lord Ketil as vocalist and what started as a one-man project became a band. Both started to work on a new album recorded in spring 2017 and in autumn, the band signed a distribution deal with french labels Ogmios Underground and Mallevs Records
The band's second LP album, "Long Lone Among The Wolves", is released on march 2018 on CD and limited edition cassette tape.


Following a mini-tour in France, Lord Ketil returns to the studio early 2019 to record a new album. This third achievement, "Cult Of The Elder Ones" will be released on CD by the end of 2020 through the helvetic label Asgar Hass Productions.

Alkorne - Lord Ketil


Guitars - Bass - Keyboards

Psycho - Lord Ketil



lord ketil
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